Reference SNIPER 2015
Payload (carrying capacity)  15 tons
Weight when empty (all options excluded)  6,760 tons
Weight when empty ( all options included)  7,680 tons
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR)  20 tons
Steel of the body trailer DOMEX and STRENX Steel High Strength, Very High Strength and Extra Strength
Length of the body trailer 6,50 m
Width of the body trailer 1,46 m at the bottom and 2,20 m at the top
Height of the body trailer 1,27 m
Height of the loading capacity 2,51 m
Height between the floor and the door 1,69 m
Volume of the body trailer when totally full 14 m³
Volume up to the guiding plate 18 m³
Volume maxi under the door 20 m³
Paint 4 coats (2 light coats and 2 top coats)
Rolling type Tandem with parabolic spring leaves
Axles 2 axles square of 130 mm
Brakes 400 x 80
Wheels 650/55 R 26,5
Drawbar body trailer in tole – Steel STRENX Extra Strength 700 MC- 13 leaves
Hitching Scharmuller towing ring
Support foot hydraulic
Power take off 540 rotations
Cardan homokinetic wide angle
Apron floor 2 chains diameter 16 mm + crossbars 40 x 70 mm + 2 chains diameter 14 mm
Door double hinged arms
Beaters diameter 1020 mm outside – 350 rotations/min
56 cutter blades Hardox reversible with 2 in stock
DPA (electronic management of the dosage with the assistance of the groundspeed related application rate) protected becasue it is located inside the brake drum
Calculator automates the distribution cycle, controls the dosage with the assistance of the DPA and provides information regarding the total work achieved after usage
Sensors safety door sensor (inductive proximity sensor), apron speed sensor, vehicle speed sensor, pressure transducer
Galvanisation standard -anti protection grid, guiding plate, door, beaters’ framework
Guiding plate controlled by the DPA
Light 2 LED lights + LED rotating light


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