Reference RBM 24
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) 24 tons
 Power of the boom (loading, unloading and lifting) 21 tons
Lenght of the machine (from the support arm to the axis of the rollers) 5,30 m
Lenght of the body trailers Variable from 4,50 m to 6,60 m
Characteristics of the support arm Sliding support arm- lifting angle 50°
Locking of the rear body trailer Hydraulic
Volume of the oil tank 100 litres (maxi oil output 100 L/minute)
Hydraulic pump Parker 1 000 turns /minute- output 80 L
Cardan joint transmission
Electrical control function via a separate distributor including a control switch
Framework Rectangular tubes 250 x 100 x 10 mm- Steel H.L.E.
Drawbar Spring 13 leaves- Steel DOMEX Extra H.L.E. 700 MC
Support foot Hydraulic
Rolling type Tandem with rods Colaert – underslung assembly
Axles Square 110 mm- 10 studs
Track 2 100 mm
Wheel base 1 500 mm
Brakes 406 x 120
Composition of the springs axles 10 leaves 100 x 15 (4 M.L.)
Stabilizer on the rear axle for the loading, unloading and recovery operations
Wheels 18 R 22,5
Light 2 rear lights – 1 rotating light
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